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Directors' Statement

Our goal with this film is to give a face and voice specifically to teenage boys living in refugee camps. As young Muslim men, they are frequently stereotyped by outsiders as potential terrorists, and are least likely among refugees to be granted asylum in other countries. They are often unable to complete their education, and are left with extremely limited prospects for the future. These dire circumstances are poisonous to a teenager's emotional and mental stability, and it is just this sense of hopelessness that extremist groups prey on when looking for recruits. 

We strongly feel that it is important to give these young men a voice and share their stories. They are just kids, who like all kids their age just want to go to college, make their parents proud, and find their place in the world.

Through this film, we also want to demonstrate how crucial education and art programs are for the development and mental health of children and teenagers living in refugee camps. Proper education is absolutely crucial for keeping kids away from negative influences and giving them hope for the future, and it is something that is lacking in most refugee camps. The stories of Qasem, Ali and Yusef will beautifully express the life-changing effects that education and arts programs can have on refugee children. Our goal is to use this film to help raise awareness and promote action, and we are dedicated to using the incredible stories of Qasem, Ali, and Yusef to inspire generosity and compassion that will, in a very real and meaningful way, impact the lives of young refugees through increased funding for education and arts in refugee camps around the world.

-Suzanne & Justin