Sunshine Lichauco de Leon - producer

Sunshine is a freelance journalist based in Manila, Philippines. She has written for international media including The Guardian, Forbes Asia,, Los Angeles Times,, and USA Today. Sunshine has also reported for American and British public radio programs such as PRI/BBC’s “The World”, NPR’s “Newscasts” and BBC’s Outlook, and has worked as a local producer for foreign documentary teams on projects for BBC Radio, Australia’s SBS, Europe’s Arte Channel, and America’s PBS. In 2016, she produced and directed her first documentary film Curiosity, Adventure & Love, which received five awards including a Special Jury Prize at the World Premieres Festival Philippines and Best Documentary at the Soho International Film Festival.

Jimmy by Goodness Portrait.jpg

Jimmy Ferguson - cinematographer

Jimmy is an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer, specializing in projects around the world that explore themes such as sense of identity and human connectivity in our globalized society. He is a recent grant recipient of the Jerome Foundation, and was selected by EAVE in 2017. Jimmy has lensed over fifty films. The films he has photographed have premiered at prestigious festivals such as Mill Valley, Salento International, Newport Beach and Cannes. They have won numerous awards and grants such as Tiffany, Jerome, IFP and TFI. Jimmy's commercial work includes clients such as Canon, Samsung, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Redken, Rolling Stone, and Google. Jimmy is a member of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective. His current feature, "Am I Don Quixote?" was featured in IFP's Spotlight on Documentaries and will premiere in 2018.